Into the Night

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Into the Night
by Alex Wilson

In the gentle cloak of evening’s veil,
The air stands still, does not assail.
Into the night where stars ignite,
In fusion’s dance, they beam so bright.

Galaxies spin, the universe wide,
Yet in small frames, vast thoughts reside.
Into the night, our fears we fight,
Shadowed doubts, in moon’s soft light.

Wrestling souls, in silence profound,
Seeking solace where peace is found.
Into the night, love’s gentle hand,
Guides us close, helps us withstand.

In a lover’s embrace, we drift away,
And words from friends, keep dark at bay.
Into the night, where dreams take flight,
We find our hearts, bathed in starlight.

I stepped outside to peer at the moon through the tree leaves on my back porch and was struck with this idea of a poem with the reoccuring phrase “into the night”.